Mama Love Set of 5 Resistance Bands for Fitness and Physical Therapy
Mama Love Set of 5 Resistance Bands for Fitness and Physical Therapy with carrying pouch
Mama Love Resistance Band for Fitness and Physical Therapy Shown in Action Doing a Squat

Resistance Bands, Set of 5

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Want to take your workout up a notch? 

How about 5 notches? This set of five resistance bands is ready when you are!

Made of natural, high-quality latex, these resistance bands range in tension from extra-light to extra-heavy. They can safely increase the intensity of any workout, and they're perfect for moms at every stage—including pregnancy and postpartum, with the okay from your OB-GYN or midwife! 

  • 5 bands, 1.97 inches wide x 11.8 inches long
  • Varying resistance strengths: X-Light 0.35mm, Light 0.5mm, Medium 0.7mm, Heavy 0.9mm, and X-Heavy 1.1mm 
  • Versatile and portable
  • Small, drawstring bag for storage
  • Wipe clean

Great for yoga, Pilates, stretching, bodyweight workouts, strength training, and more! Ideal for perinatal moms working with a physical therapist to prepare the pelvic floor for labor or to rebuild after birth.

They're also the perfect fitness accessory for busy moms, frequent travelers, and anyone who wants to get in a sweat session on the go or in a small space.

Looking for a bootylicious band workout? 

Grab your resistance bands and strengthen your backside—fast!—with these 5 Resistance Band Moves for Busy Moms!



5 resistance band moves for moms